Our Past Productions

This page lists all our past productions (at least as best a list as we were able to compile). Some of the more recent productions have links to the individual archived page.

If you can complete any omissions or correct any errors, please contact the chair – contact details are on the Contacts Page.



2024, January

2023, July

A Triple Treat

  • The Tortoise’s Journey
  • All By Myself
  • Speed Dating and Light Sabers

2023, January

2022, May

2022, January

No Production due to COVID-19 government restrictions

2021, May

2021, January

No Production due to COVID-19 government restrictions

2020, June

No Production due to COVID-19 government restrictions

2018, June

2018, January

2017, June

The Little Grimley Plays

  • The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley
  • Little Grimley Presents Strictly Sex on Ice

2017, January

2016, July

The Error Of Comedies

  • Streuth
  • Rocking Memories (Young Playmakers)
  • The Silent Prompter
  • The Drunkards Dilemna
  • The Little Heir
  • Sat Nav

2015, January

2014, July

2014, June

Deadly Double Bill

  • Perhaps
  • Loch Fear

2012, January

2011, January

2010, June

Have the PM’s Got Talent

2010, January

Seven Miners and a Girl

2009, June

Murder In Company

2009, January

The Real Story of Puss in Boots

2008, June

At The Changing of the Year
The Monkey’s Paw

2008, January

Robinson Crusoe

2007, Summer

Gosforth’s Fete
Last Post

2007, January

Hickory Dickory Dock

2006, June

Wedding of the Year

2006, January


2005, June

The Last Post
Easy Stages

2005, January

Humpty Dumpty

2004, June

In The Doghouse
The Visitor

2004, January

Dick Whittington

2003, January

Sleeping Beauty

2002, Summer

Jubilee Cabaret

2002, January

Titania’s Bauble

2001, July

Fish Out of Water

2001, March

One Hour to Dusk
Zoo Story

2001, January

Babes In The Wood

2000, Summer

Variety Evening

  • A Collier’s Tuesday Tea
  • Temptation Sordid or Virtue Rewarded
  • One Month to Pay or Sailors Return

2000, March


2000, January

The Wizard of Oz

1999, July

Variety Evening

1999, March

What Are You Doing Here
Mutatis Mutandis

1999, January

Ali Baba & The Magic Babpipes

1998, January


1997, September

Groping For Words

1997, Spring

M is For Moon Among Other Things

1997, January

The Emperor’s New Clothes

1996, July

Variety Evening

1996, June


1996, March


1996, January


1995, October

One Hour to Dusk

1995, September

Habeas Corpus
Murder Evening

1994, July

Summer Spectactacular

1993, January

The Beast and the Baron

1992, September

Variety evening

1992, June

Goodnight Mrs Puffin

1992, March

The Big Cats

1992, January

The Ravens of Zabadan

1991, October

Oh What A Lovely War

1991, September

A Concert Party

1991, June

A Bedfull of Foreingers

1991, January

The Monkey Puzzle

1990, July

Variety Show

1990, May

The Laboratory
First Love (performed by Unity Players)

1990, January

Jack and Jill

1988, Spring

Post Horn Gallop

1988, January

Puss in Boots

1987, Summer

Play On

1987, February

Variety Show

1987, January

Boring Prince Basil And The Terrible Dragon

1986, November

Olde Tyme Music Hall

1986, June


1986, January

Top Table

1985, March


1985, January

Cosmia and the Cannibals

1984, May

Man Alive

1984, Winter

Titania’s Bauble

1983, May

Wait Until Dark

1983, March

Unnatural Scene
Gosforth’s Fete

1983, January

Witch Wartnose and The Bottle Genie

1982, May

Pen Friends

1982, Winter

The Wizard of Oz

1981, Spring

Last Train to Munich

1980, Spring

Altered Ways

1980, Winter

The Frog Princess

1979, December

The Baron and the Beast

1979, Spring

Pull the Other One
The Last Lay of the Last Minstrel

1978, December


1978, Summer

The Bodenham Romp

1978, May

Black and Silver
The Bodenham Romp
Where have all the Ghosts Gone?

1978, March

Dick Whittington

1977, December

Pull the Other One
The Last Lay of the Last Minstrel

1977, Summer

The Last Lay of the Last Minstrel

1977, March

The Laboratory

1976, December

Cowboys and Wendigo

1976, September

The Plotters of Cabbage Patch Corner

1976, May

As Long as They’re Happy

1976, March

Act of Faith

1975, December

Robinson Crusoe

1975, Summer

The Rape of The Belt

1975, May

The Anniversary

1975, March

The Dark of The Moon

1974, December

The Charleston Princess

1974, Summer

Black Comedy
In Camera

1974, Spring

How’s The World Treating You

1973, October

The Drunkard

1973, May

Blithe Spirit

1973, March


1972, December

The Heartless Princess

1972, July

The Dark of The Moon

1972, Summer

Something To Hide

1972, Spring

On Monday Next

1971, December

Ali Baba and the Magic Bagpipes

1971, August


1971, Summer

Big Bad Mouse

1971, May

Chance and Mrs Buffington

1971, January

No Bed for Bacon

1970, December

The Land of the Dragon

1970, Spring

This Desirable Cottage
Mr Hunter
The Rose Without a Thorn

1969, December

The Queen of Hearts

1969, Spring

Post Horn Gallop

1968, December

The Little Goose Girl

1968, May

No Time for Fig Leaves

1967, December

Humpty Dumpty

1967, May

Queen Elizabeth Slept Here

1966, October

Before The Flood


Two Aunts and a Grandmother

9th May 1966 The Playmakers were founded at Ash Memorial Hall