Our January 2011 Production




January 2011

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‘Cowboys ‘n’ Wendigos’ adapted from an original script

by Enid Hughes

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Wendigo – Nick Daborn

Rainbucket – Claire Fryer

Pochahontas – Kate Gotel

Chief Firecloud – Stephen Turner

Jack Daniels – Sian Ramsden

Sam Daniels – Geoff Yost

Daisy Belle – Becky Howells

Sheriff Joe – Annabel Brash

Texas Dan – Chris Wassan

Fancy Bitte – Susan Freke

Elmer J Hackenbacker – Tony Bowman

Clementine – Gavin Fouracre

Fleverend Brimstone – Yvonne Ludkin

Candy – Kerry Anne Jewell

Angel – Laura Cooper

Saloon Gal #3 – Holly Freke

Saloon Gal #4 – Cheryl Beach

Saloon Gal #5 – Cara Hanson

Cowboy / Dobbin – Daniel Freke

Cowboy/ Dobbin – Jack Cooper

Little Indians – Gabrielle Wassan, Alisha Fox, Cleo Northwood, Holly Ludkin, Anna-Maria Penkava, Emily King

Crew and Credits

Directors – Jez Curtis, Susan Freke

Co-Producers – Joan Hurrell, Helen Carter

Stage Manager – Paul Teuma

Set Design – Jon Tebb

Set Build and Paint – Jon Tebb, Paul Teuma, Helena Higgett, Tom Griffiths

Wardrobe – Yvonne Ludkin, Andree Neighbor

Props – Rene Glasscock

Prompt – Emma Erangey

Runner – Pauline Gotel

Front of House Manager – Joan Hurrell

Sound and Light – Starburst

Box Office – Ron Hurrell

Publicity – Becky Howells, Sian Ramsden

Programme – Emma Erangey

Choreography – Annabel Brash, Vickie Marsh

Voice Coach – Fabienne Tyler

Make Up – Valerie Smythe, Saundra Evans

Musical Director – Jez Curtis

Facilities At The Mytchett Centre


DISABLED SPACES near the entrance

LEVEL ACCESS – no steps


Wheelchair spaces can be arranged – please let the Box Office know your requirements

We are always looking for assistance off stage as well as on it. Below is a sample of the many roles that must be fulfilled in order to put on a production.

Please contact the chair if you would like to help. Thank you.

  • Poster design.
  • Front of House manager – responsible with the producers for organising front of house, raffle, distributing programmes, ushing, setting out chairs, etc.
  • Front of house staff (selling raffle tickets, helping audience to seats, etc).
  • Box office – taking calls, emails and supervising Ticket Source sales, assisting with Front of House.
  • Stage crew – Assisting with placement of props, changing scenery, etc.
  • Costume and make up. Sourcing and advising on appropriate costumes and make up.
  • Publicity – volunteers for flyer drops, etc.
We Need You

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19 – 20 January 2011

‘Cowboys ‘n’ Wendigos’ adapted from an original script by Enid Hughes

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Wendigo – Nick Daborn

Rainbucket – Claire Fryer

Pochahontas – Kate Gotel

Chief Firecloud – Stephen Turner

Jack Daniels – Sian Ramsden

Sam Daniels – Geoff Yost

Daisy Belle – Becky Howells

Sheriff Joe – Annabel Brash

Texas Dan – Chris Wassan

Fancy Bitte – Susan Freke

Elmer J Hackenbacker – Tony Bowman

Clementine –  Gavin Fouracre

Fleverend Brimstone – Yvonne Ludkin

Candy – Kerry Anne Jewell

Angel – Laura Cooper

Saloon Gal #3 – Holly Freke

Saloon Gal #4 – Cheryl Beach

Saloon Gal #5 – Cara Hanson

Cowboy / Dobbin – Daniel Freke

Cowboy/ Dobbin – Jack Cooper

Little Indians – Gabrielle Wassan, Alisha Fox, Cleo Northwood, Holly Ludkin, Anna-Maria Penkava, Emily King

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Directors – Jez Curtis, Susan Freke

Co-Producers – Joan Hurrell, Helen Carter

Stage Manager – Paul Teuma

Set Design – Jon Tebb

Set Build and Paint – Jon Tebb, Paul Teuma, Helena Higgett, Tom Griffiths

Wardrobe – Yvonne Ludkin, Andree Neighbor

Props – Rene Glasscock

Prompt – Emma Erangey

Runner – Pauline Gotel

Front of House Manager – Joan Hurrell

Sound and Light – Starburst

Box Office – Ron Hurrell

Publicity – Becky Howells, Sian Ramsden

Programme – Emma Erangey

Choreography – Annabel Brash, Vickie Marsh

Voice Coach – Fabienne Tyler

Make Up – Valerie Smythe, Saundra Evans

Musical Director – Jez Curtis

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Click the marker above to open a Google Map showing the location of The Mytchett Centre

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