The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley


Little Grimley Presents Strictly Sex Factor (On Ice)


30 June to 1 July 2017

Written By:

David Tristram

Little Grimley poster

The Fat Lady Sings in Little Grimley


Gordon, Margaret, Joyce and Bernard tackle a threat to the survival of the Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society in the shape of a rival am-dram group, newly formed in their village, determined to upstage them with an award-winning musical. The querulous quartet pull together to devise an ingenious military-style plan that doesn’t go, well, quite to plan. When their subterfuge is discovered by the rival society’s psychopathic front-of-house manager, he’s none too pleased. Add in a few emotional complications for Gordon, and things look a little grim for Little Grimley. Could this finally be the end of their society? Don’t be so sure, it’s never over…..until the fat lady sings.


Bernard – Dave Killick

Gordon – Nick Daborn

Joyce – Natasha Ashdowne

Margaret – Sue Baxter

Little Grimley Presents Strictly Sex Factor (On Ice


The Little Grimley Amateur Dramatic Society are faced with yet another threat to their existence. Reality TV shows have ravaged their Saturday night audiences, which in their heyday used to occasionally reach double figures. Never one to take these things lying down, Chairman Gordon has devised a cunning plan to compete head-on – their very own live Saturday night blockbuster, combining the best of all the other formats. All they need now is an audience, some contestants, four judges, a mirror ball…..oh, yes, and some ice.


Bernard – Stephen Turner

Gordon – Martin Gohrey

Joyce – Anita Weare

Margaret – Shirley Hunt


Directors – Jon Tebb (The Fat Lady Sings), Fiona Wassan (Strictly Sex Factor)

Stage Manager – Dave Craven

Producer – Tony Bowman

Front of House – Elaine Grieveson, Annabel Brash, Zoe Davies, Colin Raggett

Box Office – Fiona Wassan

Publicity – Clare Ferguson

Poster And Programme Design – Clare Ferguson

Sets – Jon Tebb, Tom Bevell

Sound And Lights – Tony Bowman, Scobie

Prompt – Annabel Brash, Elaine Grieveson

Makeup – Janet Bartop