A Lad And His Lamp


January 2012

Written By:

Tony Bowman


n his lair somewhere in the deserts of Arabia, the evil Abanazer discovers that the key to ultimate power and wealth is a magic lamp, which can be found in a secret cave in China. But evil men like Abanazer cannot enter this magical cave, so to carry out his dirty work he must seek out a good and honest peasant boy – Aladdin!

Aladdin lives in Peking with his mother, Widow Twankey and his friends Wishey and Washey. They all work in Widow Twankey’s laundry, but Aladdin has hopes of a better life, and even dreams of marrying the beautiful Princess Jasmine, daughter of the Emperor of China.

Abanazer arrives in Peking and pretends to be Aladdin’s long-lost uncle. Promising Aladdin wealth and fame beyond his wildest dreams, Abanazer persuades the boy to accompany him to do a ‘job’. Aladdin finds the lamp but his innocence invokes the fury of Abanazer who causes a cave-in, shutting Aladdin in.

Alone in the dark, Aladdin rubs the lamp. A Genie appears, promising to grant him any wish. Aladdin is free to go home, and is now the wealthiest man in China – not to mention Prince of all Russia with negotiations under way for the Presidency of America!

Back in Peking, the Emperor agrees to let Aladdin marry Princess Jasmine. But Abanazer returns, and with a devious trick he gains possession of the magic lamp. He captures the Princess and commands the Genie to transport them to far-away Tongham. Aladdin is alerted to Princess Jasmine’s predicament and together they defeat the evil Abanazer, whose punishment is marriage to the Widow Twankey.

Throw in a couple of inept policemen, a self-indulgent Genie of the Ring and you have all the ingredients for great entertainment packed with songs, slapstick, silliness, audience participation for the whole family!


Aladdin -Phil Millington-Hore

Princess Jasmine – Laura Cooper

Wishey – Luke Craven

Washey – Becky Howells

Widow Twankey – Geoff Yost

Vizier – Stephen Turnbull

Abanazer – Jez Curtis

Avabanana – Mike Williams

Emperor Shario – Stuart Hurrel

Empress Shun – Pauline Gotel

Chief Of Police – Annabel Brash

PC World – Susan Freke

PC Gone Mad – Emma Erangey

Genie Of The Lamp – Vickie Marsh

Genie Of The Ring – Chris Wassan

The Fairy – Cara Hanson

Maid 1 – Cleo Northwood

Maid 2 – Holly Freke


Anna Marie Ananieva

Ellie Secombe

Emma Young

Hannah Young

Gaby Wassan

Daniel Freke

Sian Ramsden

Kerry-Ann Jewel

Emma DeGiovanni

Claie Fryer

Crew and Credits

Directed By – Tony Bowman

Produced by – Susan Freke, Becky Howells.

Choreography – Annabel Brash, Vickie Marsh.

Musical Director – Jez Curtis

Voice Coach – Steph Limb

Make Up – Valerie Smythe, Saundra Evans, and helpers.

Back Stage Crew – Paul Teuma (Stage Manager), Dave Craven, Jon Tebb, Lee Cudmore-Ray, Gordon Young, Colin Brooks, Victor Ludkin

Set Design & Build – Jon Tebb

Set Artists – John Campagnola, Helen Higget, Jon Tebb.

Wardrobe – Yvonne Ludkin, Pat Hamil, Steph Limb

Front Of House Manager – Michelle Symons.

Supported Charity