The Error Of Comedies – a selection of short comedies:

The Little Heir
The Drunkards Dilemma or Her Honour for Tenpence
Rocking Memories
The Silent Prompter


15-16 July 2016

Written By:

The Little Heir by Kay Mcauliffe
Streuth by Michael Green
SatNav by Jon Tebb
The Drunkards Dilemma or Her Honour for Tenpence by Andrew Sachs
Rocking Memories by Shirley Hunt
The Silent Prompter by Fred Rome

The Little Heir

Our audience are invited to a rehearsed reading of this brand new play. But all is not quite what it seems as personalities clash and pantomime abounds as the reading does not go quite according to plan. Perhaps the cast – in search of the Heir, and full of hot air – should just head to the pub instead!


Producer – Anita Weare

Mother – Shirley Hunt

Father – Colin Raggett

Heroine – Emma Young

Villain – Anna Kelly

Wife – Jo Roome

Directed by Ian Cullen, Scobie and The Cast


An hilarious under-rehearsed coarse acting whodunnit by an inept troupe of unlikely actors. Offstage clashes spill on to the stage, the set is unstable, props are missing, the corpse comes to pieces and offstage cues are as incompetent as the actors.


Inspector – Tony Bowman

Mr D’Arcy – Tom Bevell

Mrs D’Arcy – Laureen Rees

Hubert – Dave Killick

Major – Paul Foster

Butler – Stephen Turner

Cook – Gillian Luck

Sergeant – Drew Peacock

Vicar Nick Daborn

Directed by Tony Bowman

This amateur production of “Streuth” is presented by special arrange-ment with SAMUEL FRENCH, LTD.


Ever wondered what might happen if your Sat Nav had a brain of it’s own? Find out in this short sketch from Playmaker Jon Tebb.


Eric – Paul Foster

Cicely – Anita Weare

Sat Nav – Dave Killick

Directed by Jon Tebb

The Drunkards Dilemma or Her Honour for Tenpence 

This melodrama sees us visit a drunken uncle desperate for 10 pence to fund a bottle of gin. But when the landlord comes for the rent and it is 10 pence short, his kind-hearted and hard-working niece must pay the unlikely price. Until, that is, our hero arrives to save the day – and the Uncle’s soul!


Uncle – Paul Foster

Georgina – Lynn Price

Landlord – Stephen Turner

Stranger – Nick Daborn

Directed by Tony Bowman

Rocking Memories

A play performed by The Young Playmakers. It is set in the lounge of an Old People’s home where a few of the residents start to reminisce about their younger days and a certain rock star. Some happy memories, some not but they are about to get some entertainment…


George – Robbie Hayes

Mavis – Berry Weare

Ethel – Lily Rowlands

Lizzy – Elena Ferguson

Kath – Emily Roome

Nel – Jo Roome

Nurse – Lily Wall

Directed by Shirley Hunt

The Silent Prompter 

An hilarious demonstration of prompting without words!


He – Jeremy Curtis

She – Claire Fryer

Prompter – Annabel Brash

Directed by the cast

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