The Monkey Puzzle


26 – 28 January 2017

Written By:

Enid Hughes

The Monkey Puzzle Poster


The handsome Prince James is coming of age and faces the prospect of an unhappy marriage to the ghastly and lascivious Princess Berenice of Bolonia. Understanding his dilemma, the Fairy Luscinia has other ideas involving a match-making red feather. Meanwhile, Mary Ann, a downtrodden orphan is up at the crack of dawn slaving after the evil Ma Jenkins and her henchmen. Framed for the theft of the Princes’ Royal Star, she is thrown into jail.

The Princess Berenice arrives and a case of mistaken identity follows. Prince James, determined to catch the thieves, disguises himself as a copper and sets out to apprehend them, with a new pet monkey in tow. But Ma Jenkins and her henchmen have other ideas and plot to trap the monkey – nabbing virtually the entire cast in the process.

But like all good tales, the baddies are thwarted, the Prince and Princess get married (though not to each other) and the monkey gets… Well, you’ll just have to come find out.


Monkey – Robbie Hayes

Prince James – Tom Bevell

Mary Anne – Vickie Langdown

Ma Jenkins – Sue Baxter

Bludgen – Nick Daborn

Snudge – Dave Killick

PC Percy Verance – Colin Raggett

Princess Berenice of Bolonia – Annabel Brash

Queen Caroline – Jo Roome

Chamberlain – Stephen Turner

Fairy Luscinia – Anita Weare

Inspector Hound – Martin Gohrey

Hattie – Eli Ferguson

Ada – Lily Wall

Servant – Oliver Asprey


Derek King and Scobie – Sand Dancers

Nicky Hayes – Gorilla and Madame Monkey

Shirley Hunt, Clare Ferguson and Jessica Pender

Young Playmakers

Robbie Hayes

Lily Wall

Oliver Asprey

Imogen Day

Emily Roome

Ellena Ferguson

Berry Weare

Leah Merrick


Director and Producer – Tony Bowman

Young Playmakers Director – Laureen Rees

Musical Director – Shirley Hunt

Choreography – Annabel Brash, Louise Ellis, Emily Roome

Stage Manager – Dave Craven

Set Design and Build – John Pilworth, Jon Tebb, Helena Higgitt

Wardrobe – Shirley Hunt

Makeup and Wigs – Valerie Smythe, Saundra Evans, Janet Bartrop

Props – Lynn Price, Gillian Luck

Runner – Lynn PrIce

Prompt – Scobie

Front Of House – Robena Tasker, Rene Glasscock, Helena Higgitt, Dawn Rowlands, Sian Holland

Stage Crew – Jon Tebb, Jon Pilworth, Derek King, Chris Wassan, Paul Foster

Box Office – Fiona Wassan

Poster and Programme Design – Tony Bowman

Sound and Lighting – Harry Morgan, Tom Bridges

Supported Charity