The Elves and the Shoemaker


23 – 25 January 2014

Written By:

Susan Freke


A relatively unknown fairytale that I suspect J.K Rowling pinched some ideas from. The story is about Michael Shoemaker, poor but talented cobbler. His life is hell as he lives with a nagging wife, two teenage children who think money grows on trees plus his mother poor chap! But kindly Elves called Flip and Flop help him in an unexpected way. We have a strong ‘shoe’ theme throughout and expect our audience to don their best pair of shoes for inspection.

Performed in January 2014

It has the full pantomime swing! The panto gags! The song-and-dance routines! The goodies, the baddies and the ahhhhhh’s. But, best of all it’s nice and short and you will be back for more!



Michael – Phil Millington-Hore
Atish – Cara Millington-Hore
Mother Ugg – Tony Bowman
Flip – Vickie Langdown (nee Marsh)
Flop – Becky Howells
Pumps – Daniel Freke
Vans – Ellen Davis
Crocs – Shirley Hunt
Doc Martin – Emma DeGiovanni
PaRada – Chris Wassan
Converse – Mike Williams
Stiletto – Jon Tebb
Maud – Sian Ramsden
Bingo Caller -Paul Foster
Spike – Sara Ward
Miranda – Emily Roome


Emma Louise Young

Claire Fryer

Cheryl Beach

Debb French

Jo Roome

Jules Davis

Gaby Wassan

Young Playmakers

Mia DeGiovanni

Catherine Peacock

Berry Weare

Lily Rowlands

Lily Wall

Isabelle Peacock Boothroyd

Evie DeGiovanni

Emily King

Erin Howells

Freya Graham


Vicky Marsh – Don’t Feel Like Dancing, Goody Two Shoes, Me and My Shadow

Cara Hanson Millington-Hore – Footloose, Hey Big Spender, Hubby of Mine

Olive Woolf – I Want to Break Free, Two Little Boys

Susan Freke – Carry You (finale), Yesterday, Go now, Tomorrow

Annabel Brash – Lead in My Pencil


Director/Writer – Susan Freke

Producer – Sian Ramsden

Book Keeper – Jez Curtis

Musical Director – Shirley Hunt

Stage Manager – Dave Craven

Box Office Manager – Annabel Brash

Front Of House Manager – Helena Higget

Back Stage – Lee Cudmore-Ray, Colin Brooks, Victor Ludkin

Set design and Build – Lee Cudmore-Ray

Runner – Pauline Gotel

Prompt – Nadia Maggiorre

Costumes – Shirley Hunt (adults), Helen Wall (children)

Wigs – Valerie Smythe

Make-up – Saundra Evans and others (adults), Elle Peacock (children)

Voice Coach to children – Elle Peacock

Publicity – Sian Ramsden

Sound and Light – Starburst

Supported Charity