Just Desserts

Our House


Summer 2012

Written By:

Susan Freke and Fiona Wassan

Synopsis – Just Desserts


Just Desserts was the adult play, It tells the tale of a dinner party with a twist.


Gran – Rene Glasscock

Sarah – Cheryl Beach

Tanya – Shirley Hunt

Milly – Holly Freke

Pj – Marina Voutchkova

Molly – Ellie Secombe

Portia – Catherine Peacock

Maddie – Emily King

Petra – Anna Penkova

Mandy – Hannah Young

Marie – Gaby Wassan

Polly – Emma Young

Synopsis – Our House Young Playmakers

Written by Annabel Bash

The Young Playmakers supported the above play with “Our House”, which was written by The Playmakers member Susan Freke. The play was about 2 families whose mothers take them to see gran. There is a lot of family rivalries as members of each each family tries to impress the gran.

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