The Three Little Pigs


22 – 24 January 2015

Written By:

Susan Freke


We all know the story of the Three Little Pigs, but do we know all of it? Do we know that their mother was a nightmare? She employed a lactose intolerant milkmaid and housed a dodgy lodger.

The wolf is of course well known, but what do we know about his motivation and obsession to blow down houses containing pigs? Who really is the baddie and will good triumph over evil?

Come and meet the three pigs. There is Chop, proud and bold, Kevin (you work out why I named him Kevin) and Sausage – rather a silly fat little sausage. We will sing and dance our way through this timeless classic and leave you wanting more. Or maybe you will just leave and go for a cup of tea and a bacon sandwich.


Dame Trotter – Chris Wassan

Dodgy Lodger Roger – Vicky Langdown

Hairy Mary from the Dairy – Pauline Gotel

Chop – Becky Howells

Kevin – Debb French

Sausage – Susan Freke

Lettice – Shirley Hunt

Bunny – Dawn Rowlands

Kosher Wolf – Nick Daborn

Wolf-Irene – Sian Ramsden

Huff – Claire Fryer

Puff – Sara Ward

Farmer Piles – Juliet Davis

Emmeroid – Emma DeGiovanni

Bob The Builder – Paul Foster



Anita Weare
Jo Roome
Paul Foster
Emma Louise Young
and older children

Young Playmakers

Gaby Wassan
Ellen Davis
Megan Bench
Ellen Davis
Emily Roome
Isabelle Peacock

Berry Weare
Erin Howells
Evie DeGiovanni
Erin Howells
Mia DeGiovanni
Catherine Peacock

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