The Emperor’s New Clothes


24 – 26 January 2019

Written By:

A Hans Christian Andersen Tale
A Pantomime by Limelight Scripts


Based on the Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, this delightful panto follows the misadventures of clothes-obsessed Emperor Fancypants, and his desire to own the world’s most wonderful suit.

He is conned into purchasing an invisible suit by Nip and Tuck, and nobody will tell him the truth for fear of being seen as idiots and losing their jobs. The Emperor’s over-spending means that the kingdom is facing bankruptcy, and in order to try and save it, the Chancellor decides that Prince Jack needs to marry one of the two rich heiresses, Valium Crock-Pot or Prozac Pampers, who have been invited to vie for his affection.

He is not interested in them, but in a poor orphan dressmaker called Taffeta instead. With the help of Fairy Fabric, Taffeta and Jack are eventually united, and the Heiresses also get what they most desire, the title of Princess.

The Emperor’s eyes are finally opened by an innocent child and Nip and Tuck are brought to boot as they attempt to flee with the Emperor’s gold.


Fairy Fabric – Jo Roome
Patch – Colin Raggett
Emperor Fancypants – Paul Foster
Chancellor – John Eade
Taffeta Chenille – Toni Ralph
Stitch – Jade Addison & Anastasia Ashdowne
Prince Jack – Nick Daborn
Valium Crock-Pot – Anita Weare
Prozac Pampers – Sue Baxter
Tuck – Jon Tebb
Nip – Tom Bevell
Witch Thimble & Dresser 2 – Natasha Ashdowne
Old Woman & Shopper 2 – Fiona Wassan
Court Jester – Dave Killick
Shopper 1 & Dresser 1 – Annabel Brash
Town Crier – Stephen Turner
Royal Page – Oliver Asprey
Mother – Zoe Davies
Adult Chorus – Claire Ferguson, Nicky Hayes


Director & Musical Director – Kim Osborne
Assistant Director & Young Playmakers – Tim Osborne
Producers – Martin Gohrey & Tony Bowman
Choreography – Annabel Brash & Emily Roome
Musical Arrangements – Shirley Hunt


Publicity & Programme – Tony Bowman
Front Of House – Scobie, Derek King, Mark Ashdowne, Emily Roome, Mark Galloway, Lee Swan, Robena Tasker, Alison Shephard
Box Office – Emily Roome

Young Playmakers


Stage Manager – Dave Craven
Assistant Stage Manager – Andy Osborne
Set Design – Andy Osborne, John Pilworth
Props Master – Mark Galloway
Stage Crew – Martin Gohrey, Mark Ashdowne, Andy Ferguson
Sound – Chris Wassan, Ryan May-Miller
Lighting – Tim Osborne
Wardrobe – Cizané Osman, Kim Osborne
Dressers – Cizané Osman, Jessica Eade
Make Up and Wigs – Saundra Evans,  Cizané Osman, Janet Bartrop, Gaby Wassan, Valerie Smythe
Prompt – Elaine Grieveson
Runner – Emily Roome
Rehearsal Swing – Natasha Ashdowne
Photographer – Jessica Eade
YPM Chaperones – Laureen Rees, Angela Merrick., Carrie Addison, Trina Asprey
Additional Tasks – Members and Friends of The Playmakers


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