Some Sweet Day


Thursday 12th May and Saturday 14th May 2022

Written By:

Flip Kobler and Cindy Marcus


Wish you could go back in time and fix your mistakes? 

“Some Sweet Day” is a full throttle romantic comedy/drama where one man is given the chance to do just that. Ken regrets losing the girl of his dreams 24 years ago. He’s obsessed with building a machine that will take him back in time to fix his mistakes. When fate grants his wish, he finds himself 25 years in the past. 

“Some Sweet Day” is a mostly high-octane romantic comedy but it also takes a serious look at life, our time on this planet and the price we pay for it.  

Cast (In Order of Appearance)

Ken – Mark Golloway
Greta – Natasha Ashdowne
Casey – Nick Daborn
Reece – Andrew Osbaldeston
Jenny – Betlem Martínez
Stormy/Greta – Kim Osborne
Emma – Anita Delaney-Weare


Director – Timothy Osborne
Assisted By – Tom Bevell and Laureen Rees
Producers – Laureen Rees and Stephen Turner 
Stage Manager – Andy Osborne
Front of House Manager – Fiona Wassan
Stage Crew and Set Builders – Mark Ashdowne, Logan Ashdowne, Stasie Ashdowne, Zoe Davies, George Dubery, John Eade, Jessica Eade, Martin Gohrey, Scobie, Fiona Wassan