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Password Guidelines

The following steps will help you create a secure but memorable password. Only item 1 is mandatory – the others are simply suggestions.

  1. Use a minimum of 8 characters
  2. Mix upper and lower case
  3. Include numbers
  4. Include symbols


  1. Think of 3 people’s post codes that you know well. use the latter part of the post code, so you get something along the lines of 5BA-0nn-8SM
  2. Think of somebody’s phone number that you know well. Take the first 3 characters of their first name, the first 3 of their last name and the last 4 digits of their number, so you get something like JoeBlo4851
  3. Think of 3 short unconnected words and string them together – something like food>pens<shoes
  4. Think of a sentence with at least 8 words. Take the first letter of each word and replace a letter o with the digit 0, the letter i with 1, the words to, too or two with the digit 2 and the letter a with 4. For example “We had a super family holiday when we went to Greece!” becomes Wh4sfhwww2G!

These are just a few suggestions to help you. Please do not share your password with anyone else.

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